Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

A safe and natural technique that uses your body’s plasma to help regenerate, heal and restore your skin’s youthful appearance

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy was first developed for orthopedic surgery and injected into the body, to help patients to heal from surgery or trauma.

In addition, it is an established medical therapy in the fields of oral surgery, sports medicine, and plastic surgery.

It has also been used for over 20 years for skin and wound healing.


Today, it is increasingly being used as an aesthetic facial treatment. It has become popular with Hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardashian and dubbed the vampire facelift.

More than that, it is a natural medical procedure that uses your plasma to rebuild your tissue. Your body’s first response to a tissue injury is to mobilize platelet cells to the injury site.

Platelets are part of your blood and bring growth and healing elements that start the repair with the help and support of stem cells.

In Platelet Rich Plasma therapies, the plasma is taken from your own blood – extracted, prepared, and then replaced into your skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy at RiNu

Dr. Hynscht performs PRP injection therapy at RiNu using the Regen ACR Autologous Cellular Regeneration process for tissue regeneration and healing. Autologous means it comes from your body which is good news. Since PRP uses your own plasma, there is low risk of an allergic reaction, hypersensitivity, infection and no risk of transmissible diseases. One PRP therapy takes about 30 minutes and you can resume your regular activities right after the therapy.

In this procedure, Dr. Hynscht draws small sample of your blood, similar to what happens in blood lab, and he then places it in a high-speed centrifuge to separate the platelets from the other components in blood. Dr. Hynscht uses state-of-the-art medical technology for PRP injection therapy. The U225 Meso Injector is a specialty precision-controlled medical device for the intradermal injection of your plasma so as to ensure complete automation of the injection depth, time and pressure; and quantity injected.


(video: patient at RiNu receiving Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy)

About PRP Therapy

Where PRP is used:

The platelet-rich plasma is injected into your face especially in areas with wrinkles, lines or folds, and to improve your general skin condition. Areas where PRP is commonly used are the cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, jawline, neck and neckline (above the breast area).

What PRP does:

PRP delivers a more intense concentration of platelets for a boosted healing impact. PRP encourages the skin to produce collagen and added growth factors which results in the skin appearing plumper, tighter and younger though a regenerated more supportive skin structure. For some people, the results are dramatic providing substantially younger or firmer looking skin while for others overall skin appearance appears somewhat younger.

How often is PRP recommended:

3 PRP therapies in equal intervals across 6-months are usually recommended. Most people see improvement after the first PRP therapy usually within 3 weeks and over the next several months with ongoing improvements after the second and third therapies.

When is PRP not recommended:

Regrettably, those people who have the following medical conditions, cannot undergo PRP: are on anti-coagulation medications; septic, acute or chronic infections; chronic liver disease; hypofibrinogenemia, thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), or other serious blood conditions.

More information on the U225 Meso Injector


Manufactured by Needle Concept the U225 is a device designed for administering intradermal injections and is used at RiNu for PRP Therapy.

It enables complete control of the injection depth and control of the quantity injected by means of automation of the injection time and injection pressure adjustment.

The application of the U225 device in routine medical practice relates primarily to the treatment of extra-articular disease in rheumatology, traumatology and sports medicine (such as tendonitis, osteoarthritis and sprains) and many diseases caused by microcirculation problems.

Lastly, it may be used in aesthetic medicine for the injection of moisturizers containing non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid as well as vitamin cocktails.

Before and After PRP treatment


Treatment for Post Laser or Chemical Peel.

The effects of PRP help to fight the pain and significantly improve the speed of wound healing after laser or chemical peel treatments.


Treatment for Dark Circles.

Growth factors present in PRP stimulate the micro-circulation around the eye, its brightness is improved and skin around the eyes recovers its tonicity.


Treatment of Deep Wrinkles.

Localized treatment restores harmony and proportions in the volumes of the skin.

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