Botulinum Toxins

Restore your skin’s natural, full, elastic appearance and reduce facial lines. Purified Botulinum Toxins such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, Nuceiva™ or similar botulinum toxin product are the most popular, clinically safe non-surgical treatments available for facial age lines, stress lines or lines from muscle pull.   

Botulinum Toxins are neurotoxins that are injected into a muscle to cause relaxation or prevent movement of that muscle. They are used for aesthetic purposes to primarily smooth out the creases in the face. They can be used to soften the action of several muscles of facial expression.  

Regions that benefit from this treatment include glabellar frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, mild brow ptosis, crow’s feet, infra orbital lines, nasal lines (bunny lines), peri-oral folds and rhytides and folds including radial lip lines, melomental folds and mouth frown, apple dumpling chin and mental crease.  Both vertical and horizontal neck lines and bands respond well to Botulinum treatment.

The muscle effect appears in 2-4 days, and usually lasts 3-4 months but can be shorter or longer. The full effect usually takes about 7 to 10 days and some people report results as quickly as 24 to 72 hours. Repeat treatments are necessary to extend the results of a rejuvenated look and help to fade lines. We offer BOTOX® Cosmetic and Nuceiva™ products. 

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We believe in providing you the best treatment experience. To do so, a doctor meets with you first to assess your facial anatomy, talk about the outcome you want to achieve, and customize a treatment plan for you. Facial anatomy is complex and in order for you to receive the best treatment and results, we insist that your botulinum toxin treatments are done by our doctor.

Skin Care

Skin care is an important part of extending the duration of your BOTOX ® Cosmetic and Nuceiva™ treatment. We offer specific skin care products containing a topical neuromodulator to be applied twice daily to boost your treatment effect.

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