Solutions for blotchy redness

Rosacea is a chronic skin disease that causes redness and swelling, primarily on the face.

Other areas that can be affected are the scalp, neck, ears, chest, back, and sometimes the eyes.

Persons with rosacea may first notice a tendency to flush or blush easily.

I have suffered with red blotchy irritated skin of Rosacea for 25 years. After having used cover-up, gels, prescription creams I felt there was no solution. Dr. Hynscht urged me to have a BBL (Broadband Light Photo Rejuvenation treatment) and after the first treatment I noticed a huge difference. I have now had 5 BBL treatments and my skin's never looked better. In fact I have seen a dramatic difference in not only my skin's colour but also it's tone and texture. I am thrilled with the results and would urge anyone suffering with this condition to come and make an appoitment with Dr. Hynscht.
Lorreanne Whitise


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