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Dr. Hynscht uses the award winning Teosyal Pen precision-controlled hyaluronic acid injection system for gentler injections, accuracy and immediate more natural-looking youthful results.

Dr. Hynscht has been injecting for many years helping people express their beauty. He was excited to start using the Teosyal Pen for gentler injections and more immediate natural-looking results.

Since introducing the cordless, motorized hyaluronic acid gel injection system, Teosyal Pen has enhanced Dr. Hynscht’s ability to be more accurate and consistent, inject a more even and precise volume of gel, and keep a steady injection speed and depth of injection. With this added control, Dr. Hynscht can focus on the exact placement of the gel.

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More information on Teaosyal Pen Injections

The use of traditional syringes to inject dermal fillers often causes pressure discomfort. The Teosyal Pen substantially increases your comfort and reduces pain.

Patients often tell us that they have less needle punctures, results are immediate and look more natural, they have less bleeding and fewer side effects.

Best of all, they experience little or no downtime and can quickly go back to their daily life or return to work the same day.

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