Craftsman and Artist

As a craftsman and artist of complex talent, Dr. Harold Hynscht possesses an uncanny ability to transfer an image from his mind into a three-dimensional form through nothing more than the delicate motions of the fine tools in his hands and a piece of soft basswood.

The same exceptional attention to detail and beauty he expresses through his artwork is extended to the clients he serves at RiNu MediSpa, as well as the same compassion he provides to his family practice patients in Norfolk County.

As a woodcarver, Dr. Hynscht began creating lifelike duck decoys as a hobby in the early 1990s – a means of relaxation where spare time in his shop refocused the mind to creating works of art.

After honing his skills he eventually began competing, first in Canada and then internationally; today some of his finest works are on display in galleries around the world.

“Doctors are usually pretty good with their hands,” Dr. Hynscht says, “and I’ve always been very talented that way. I thoroughly enjoy the technical and procedural side of medicine. Carving, though, takes time and attention to fine details and nuances. A lot of it is capturing the essence of a bird and creating a very lifelike sculpture out of a chunk of wood to the point that from two feet away you would think it’s going to get up and fly away.”


It was his innate sense of artistry – his pure understanding of symmetry, contour, colour and beauty – that led Dr. Hynscht to study the art of cosmetic enhancement.

Today, he continues to serve his community as a general practitioner but he also owns and operates the RiNu MediSpa where he serves people from across North America, helping them rejuvenate their personal well-being and rediscover their inner beauty through modest outer transformations.

The same skills he developed through art as an observer – specifically as it relates to the colour, tone and texture of three-dimensional objects, including people – has helped him successfully support countless RiNu clients.

This work provides him with some of the greatest satisfaction he’s know throughout his 30+ years as a physician.


A family physician is, in most cases, responding to the medical needs of people with new and ongoing health issues; more often they are dealing with people only after the symptoms of an issue arise.

Through RiNu, however, Dr. Hynscht has the opportunity to be more proactive. People place their sense of identity with him and using his artistic talent, skills and knowledge he subtly draws out physical enhancements that also boost the spirit.

He began using his talent and developing these added cosmetics skills a couple of decades ago, beginning with Botox treatments before moving on to hyaluronic dermal filler procedures to help people add volume to areas of the face that had become gradually depleted due to aging.

He was trained by some of Canada’s leading specialists and the training and skills development is ongoing. That is part of what makes the work so exciting, he says, and because he attends every educational conference possible, he’s able to offer clients leading-edge procedures.


“We’re offering exactly the same procedures that they are in downtown Manhattan in Simcoe at a much more acceptable price,” Dr. Hynscht says.

Part of the reason he believes RiNu continues to attract new clients and enjoys the loyalty of so many existing ones is because of the boutique approach he provides with the support of his assistant, Marcy Kendrick.

“We want to see the results that delight our clients,” Dr. Hynscht says. “What we’re trying to do is listen to what the concern is and put together a treatment plan that meets the goals of the client with the support of both Marcy and I.”

This approach also allows Dr. Hynscht to offer advice on other healthy lifestyle choices that can enhance the client’s procedures and overall well-being.

“We aim to create a healthy, more youthful you without overdoing it,” he says. “We want clients to look great, to look refreshed but never overdone.”

Changes in diet and physical activity can do wonders beyond any beauty enhancement procedures and Dr. Hynscht often sees this well-rounded approach to personal transformation unfold over his time with clients.

Clients, he explains, “are coming back and telling me ‘I feel fantastic! I’m looking good and my friends don’t know what I’m doing.’ It’s like flipping a switch inside that person to bring out their natural beauty. It’s a little tweak here or a little tweak there to rekindle that self-confidence and then they start radiating.

“For me the reward is flipping that magic switch.”

But there really is no magic to it. Dr. Hynscht inherently understands that each person he meets is as unique as every piece of art he has ever created, and they are treated with the reverence and attention they deserve.

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